A Legal Advocate You Can Count On

NP WyosnicN.P. Wyosnick Legal, LLC is led by attorney Nils P. Wyosnick and serves clients throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. Our firm believes that any criminal accusation, regardless of the magnitude of the charge, entitles you to a lawyer. Everyone deserves a professional who can help navigate the difficult legal process and advocate for you as you face charges.

Above all, these accusations do not compromise your character. You still deserve to be treated with respect and grace throughout this process. You have simply made a mistake. We at N.P. Wyosnick Legal, LLC, understand this, and we will do what we can do to defend you in negotiations and at trial.

How We Can Help

Our firm handles a variety of state misdemeanor and felony crimes in both Wisconsin and Illinois, including DUI/DWI, traffic violations, assault and many other charges. Attorney Nils P. Wyosnick will help you understand what you have been charged with, the possible penalties and repercussions and how his expertise will give you the best chance for success.

Mr. Wyosnick will give realistic and candid advice. He is dedicated to pursuing justice with a personalized approach. He works hard for each of his clients, and will always work toward the best outcome for your specific situation. Your best interests are always on our mind, and we always make sure we are on the same page, and you consistently feel confident in how we are representing you. N.P. Wyosnick Legal, LLC, works for you, and we will defend you from start to finish.