Driving with Revoked or Suspended License – DUI based revocation (OAR) - Wisc. Stat. 343.44(1)(b)

In the State of Wisconsin, it is illegal to drive with revoked driving privileges, due to a DUI/OWI conviction or from refusing a chemical test following a DUI-related arrest. The only exception to the rule is if the driver has obtained a valid occupational license, issued by the State of Wisconsin.

The penalties for driving with a revoked license are severe and carry the potential for significant jail time. The severity of the penalty depends on the person's criminal and traffic history, as well as the basis for the revocation or suspension. Below are some common examples of OAR penalties:

OAR (1st offense) - 343.44(1)(b) & 343.44(2)(as):

  • Non-criminal
  • No jail
  • Maximum $2,500.00 fine
  • 0 - 6-month additional suspension; and/or
  • 6-month potential additional revocation. (mandatory if 4th or greater offense)

OAR (2nd offense)

  • Criminal offense (potential of jail)
  • Jail: 0 - 364 days
  • Additional 6-month suspension or 6-month revocation.

With each additional violation, the penalties increase. If charged with any offense of driving with a revoked or suspended license, it is important to consult with an experienced defense attorney. Since 2011, Attorney Nils Wyosnick has represented clients against charges of driving on suspended licenses and/or revoked licenses, throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.