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Effect of Wisconsin DUI on Illinois Drivers

A DUI in Wisconsin is a very different charge than a DUI in Illinois. For Illinois drivers who get charged with DUI in Wisconsin, the consequences are worse due to the consequences the Illinois Secretary of State will impose on the driving privileges of an Illinois driver if Illinois is notified of the Wisconsin DUI.

The reason, in a nutshell, is that the Illinois Secretary of State treats any out-of-state DUI (aka non-Illinois DUI) as a conviction, instead of "Court Supervision", which is what allows first-time DUI offenders in Illinois to avoid a DUI conviction. Avoiding a DUI conviction in Illinois is essential because a conviction (as opposed to court supervision) leads to a REVOCATION of driving privileges for at least one year, depending on the driver’s traffic and criminal history.

For instance, if an Illinois driver was charged with his/her first DUI in the State of Illinois, he/she would likely avoid a license revocation because a skilled criminal defense attorney would understand how to negotiate for court supervision. If sentenced to court supervision, the driver would avoid a revocation.

Conversely, the same driver who gets charged with a first DUI in the State of Wisconsin would not be able to avoid a license revocation if he/she is found guilty of the Wisconsin OWI because Illinois places a conviction (instead of court supervision) on the record of the Illinois driver for a Wisconsin DUI conviction. And, again, a conviction for DUI in Illinois = License Revocation.

The consequences of an Illinois License Revocation are significant. The length of the revocation will depend on the traffic and criminal history of the Illinois driver:

First DUI Conviction = One-year Revocation
Second DUI Conviction = Five-year Revocation
Third DUI Conviction = Ten-year Revocation
Fourth DUI Conviction = Life-Time Revocation

Furthermore, the process for applying for reinstatement of privileges is not only complicated, but extremely costly! Therefore, if you are an Illinois driver facing a Wisconsin DUI, you are urged to contact an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney, who not only understands Wisconsin law, but understands Illinois law.

Attorney Nils Wyosnick is licensed in Wisconsin and Illinois. He has nearly a decade of experience defending clients against Illinois DUI and Wisconsin DUI charges. Furthermore, he understands the needs of Illinois drivers and the consequences that the Illinois Secretary of State will impose on their driving privileges. For a free consultation, please call Attorney Wyosnick to discuss your case.

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