Illinois Drivers with Wisconsin Traffic Violations

Illinois drivers charged with Wisconsin traffic violations are faced with receiving permanent convictions on their Illinois driving records. Although eligible to keep moving violations off their public driving record in Illinois, through a sentence called court supervision, Illinois drivers will receive permanent convictions on their Illinois driving record if they simply pay the Wisconsin ticket.

Wisconsin operates on a points-based system, while Illinois operates on a conviction or non-conviction disposition - called "court supervision" - system. Supervision is a sentence that allows Illinois drivers to keep clean driving records (exceptions for CDL drivers), even if they are found guilty of a traffic offense. If a driver receives court supervision for a traffic ticket, the ticket is not put on the Illinois driver's public driving record; thus shielding it from insurance companies.

Conversely, if a driver receives a conviction for a traffic offense, the ticket is placed on the Illinois driver's public record, for all to see. Furthermore, the conviction will count towards a potential license suspension. Three convictions for moving violations in a 12-month period will result in a license suspension.

Wisconsin does not have court supervision, and Illinois, therefore, will treat any non-Illinois ticket as a conviction. Thus, when Wisconsin reports to Illinois that an Illinois driver was found guilty of a Wisconsin moving violation, Illinois issues a conviction against the Illinois driving record. Therefore, while a simple Wisconsin speeding ticket may not seem like a big deal, Illinois drivers should be aware that by simply paying the ticket, Illinois will treat it as a conviction and count it towards a potential license suspension, and potentially resulting in increased insurance premiums.

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